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What is a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®

and Why Hire One?

  1. Ceremony Specialist - Life-cycle Celebrants® are graduates of the Celebrant Foundation & Institute. Students are transformed into highly-trained ceremony specialists through an intensive certification program. When you work with a celebrant, you have confidence knowing that they bring a rich foundation in ceremony tradition, creation, and performance.

  2. Collaborative - Celebrants are master co-creators of ceremonies—they work with you to create ceremonies that cater to your needs, preferences, beliefs and philosophies.

  3. Customized Ceremonies - A celebrant helps you customize your ceremony so that the story told during the ceremony is a unique reflection of the honoree/s being celebrated. A celebrant will ensure that you are comfortable with what is presented to your attendees.  

  4. Engaging Public Speaker - A celebrant is skilled speaking and facilitating in front of groups of all sizes, guiding ceremonial participants and engaging an audience through personalized story-telling, eulogizing, remembrances, and creative use of rituals to celebrate a union, honor a life or say goodbye.

  5. Help with Your Vows - When doing weddings, a celebrant can help you write your vows so that you are comfortable expressing exactly how you feel about your beloved. 

  6. Help with Your Eulogy - When doing funerals and celebrations of life, a celebrant can help craft the difficult words you may be struggling to convey. 

  7. Inclusive - Celebrants are LGBTQ+ friendly. When working with a celebrant, you'll be working with someone who wants to work with you and is on board with your marriage.

Danny Lewis, Certified Life-Cylce Celebrant
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